A lover of literature
, I have spent the better part of three degrees reading as much poetry as possible.  This includes the rich offerings of ancient Greek and Latin and the varied and diverse expression found throughout the English tradition.  I am deeply interested in our reception of poetry – not merely its accumulated influence through the centuries, but how our own readings shape access to the poetry of the past.

My breadth of reading has always produced responses in verse, both to the brilliance and beauty of whatever work I am engaged with, but also to the fresh significance such timeless art imprints on a local landscape.  The furious disdain of Achilles silently scanned in a thunderstorm.  The devotional simplicity and power of Herbert’s Love III on a crisp December dawn.  My pursuit of joy, understanding, and belonging has always been inextricably linked with the reading and writing of poetry.

This website is one extension of my own poetic expression, coupled together with submissions to publishers, journals, and papers.  It is here in part to invite criticism, dialogue, and discussion about reading and writing poetry; but it is also an online presence to match my efforts to extend my work into print.

I reside in Ontario with my lovely wife and four children, who remain a constant stream of inspiration to match the heavy influence of the best poets who have walked the face of the earth.  If you have questions about poetry (technical discussions, reading lists, mechanics of writing, themes, authors), feel free to join the discussion or contact me.